East Meets West Music

UTSAV! Raga & Raj


Celebrating Ravi Shankar’s life and musical legacy of East-meets-West cultural exchange, Barry Phillips, Linda Burman-Hall and Lux Musica Ensemble (with guest Debopriyo Sarkar) present a selection of daring, experimental compositions that reflect and re-imagine the musical encounters between North India and British traditions encountered during the late 1780s. Featuring compositions by Lou Harrison, William Hamilton Bird, and Vishnu Digambar Paluskar arranged by Phillips and Burman-Hall, and an original composition by Phillips, the music of Raga & Raj is built on the affinities and attractions between North Indian and British musical traditions as they encountered each other in the late 1700s and early 1800s. Raga & Raj reinterprets the music of that intriguing historical moment, illuminating for us the triumphs and challenges of this type of cross-cultural exchange and reminding us of Ravi Shankar’s musical mission and life’s work: Peace through Music.

UTSAV! is an East Meets West Music series celebrating the life, music and legacy of Ravi Shankar, featuring musicians and students inspired by the Maestro and who continue his mission of peace through music. The first two installments include Arghyam—The Offering by world renowned classical Hindustani vocalist in the Jaipur-Atrauli Gharana tradition Ashwini Bhide Deshpande and Raga & Raj, a set of daring, experimental compositions by Barry Phillips—a long time student of Ravi Shankar—Linda Burman-Hall harpsichordist extraordinaire with Lux Musica Ensemble!



Eight Ragas – Dreaming
Eight Ragas – Awakening
Eight Ragas – In Brindaban Forest
Eight Ragas – Homage (based on melody by Ravi Shankar)
Eight Ragas – Quiet Hour
Eight Ragas – Alap and Ground
Eight Ragas – Conversation
Eight Ragas – Finale
Hindoostanee Airs – Rekhtah – Mutru be khoosh nuwa bego
Hindoostanee Airs – Tuppah – Ouwel ke murabuh isht razee
Hindoostanee Airs – Rekhtah – Gid a Shumba
Hindoostanee Airs – Tuppah – Kiakam keea dil ne?
Jahla Journey – Jahla I
Jahla Journey – Jahla II
Jahla Journey – Jahla III
Jahla Journey – Jahla duet
Jahla Journey – Jahla Iin the form of a ductia
Jahla Journey – Serenade
Raghupati Raghava Raja Ram

  • Eight Ragas - Quiet Hour




Barry Phillips – Indian cello, composer, co-director
Linda Burman-Hall – harpsichord, fortepiano, percussion, co-director
Lars Johannesson – flutes
David Wilson – violin
Amy Brodo – cello and viola da gamba
Debopriyo Sarkar – tabla
Shelley Phillips – tanpura



Executive Producers: Shyama Priya, Cat Celebrezze; Music Producer: Barry Phillips, Shyama Priya; Recording Engineers: William Coulter, Barry Phillips; Edit, Mix & Mastering Engineer: Barry Phillips; Design and Art Direction: Wickstrom Design

Recorded at University of California at Santa Cruz Recital Hall, Santa Cruz, CA, March 2010