East Meets West Music

Tenth Decade in Concert: Live in Escondido


Cinematographer and director Alan Kozlowski presents an intimate look at a 91-year-old Ravi Shankar performing in southern California in October 2011. Kozlowski, known for his work on documentaries featuring the likes of Jeff Bridges and Jackson Browne as well as feature films such as Travellers and Magicians, offers a uniquely personal perspective on Ravi Shankar. The filmmaker has studied music with Ravi since 1978, and has produced a documentary honoring Ravi called Sangeet Ratna and co-produced with George Harrison a collection of Ravi’s work called In Celebration. The love of subject is clear in the film, but it’s Ravi’s raw and powerful performance that leaves the most lasting impression. Though Ravi has curtailed his busy touring schedule, his playing continues to draw intense praise. Songlines magazine says that the master has lost “absolutely nothing in the way of musical virtuosity, technical brilliance and the kind of high-energy passion that belongs in concert performances.” East Meets West Music is proud to release this important testament to a great artist simply unable to stop making transformative music. Recorded October 9, 2011 at California Center for the Arts in Escondido.




Tenth Decade Yaman Kalyan
Tenth Decade Khamaj
Tenth Decade Taal Vadya
Tenth Decade Goonga Sitar
Tenth Decade Ragamala

  • Ragamala




Ravi Shankar – Sitar
Tanmoy Bose – Tabla
Ravichandra Kulur – Flute
Kanjira Parimal Sadaphal – Sitar
Samir Chatterjee – Tabla
Kenji Ota – Tanpura, Swamandal
Barry Phillips – Tanpura



Executive Producers: Shyama Priya & Cat Celebrezze; Produced, Directed, Captured, & Edited by Alan Kozlowski; Camera work by Ed Auswacks, Grant James, Alan Kozlowski, Kunga, Eric Lawton, & Raymond Steiner; Recorded & Mixed by Steve Postell; Assistant Editor Sven Niemann; Technical Assistance by Ethan Boehme; Design and Art Direction: Wickstrom Design

Recorded live at California Center for the Arts in Escondido, CA, October 9, 2011