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Ravi Shankar Milestones: A Primer to the Maestro’s Music


In 2014, The Ravi Shankar Foundation and East Meets West teamed up with the Grammy Foundation to create an introductory text to Ravi Shankar’s storied career. The book includes an introduction by Sukanya Shankar, a companion CD curated by Anoushka Shankar, and text by Cat Celebrezze illustrated by rare photographs from the Archive. As a primer, it is intended as a guide when exploring the stunning array of Ravi Shankar’s musicianship and a set of milestones to orient audiences when discovering his work. When first released, Milestones was available only to educational institutions, but now, as a web exclusive to the EMWMshop, the Milestones MiniPrimer is here!  Containing the same great material and packaged with the Companion CD, the Milestones MiniPrimer allows fans to discover the roots of what the Maestro held most dear: curiosity, active seeking, and the power of creative expression. Details: Softcover, 8″x 8″, 32 photographs, companion CD.



Indian Concert Alap
Medley: All-India Radio Signatures
Gaoti with Vadya Vrinda
Pather Panchali Music Scene 1, Take 1
UCLA: Lecture on Naad
Ravi Shankar Teaching Lakshmi Shankar
United Nations Concert with Yehudi Menuhin
Fathers & Sons: Fillmore West
I Am Missing You
Dispute & Violence
The Birth of RIMPA
Father & Daughter: San Francisco
Escondido Improvisation
The Living Room Sessions: Bhairavi



Ravi Shankar – Sitar
Anoushka Shankar – Sitar
Yehudi Menuhin – Violin
Shubho Shankar – Sitar
Alla Rakha – Tablas
Zakir Hussein – Tablas
Lakshmi Shankar – Vocals
George Harrison – Guitar
Kamala Chakravarty – Tanpura
Vadya Vrinda – Indian Orchestra



Introduction by Sukanya Shankar; Text by Cat Celebrezze; Music Producers, companion CD; Anoushka Shankar and Shyama Priya; Engineering and Mixing: Barry Phillips; October 9, 2011: Wickstrom Design

Published 2014 by the Ravi Shankar Foundation, a project made possible by the Grammy Foundation and East Meets West Music. Printing by Paper Chase Press.