East Meets West Music

Nine Decades Volume 4: A Night at St. John the Divine


On August 6, 1976, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his first US concert appearance, Ravi Shankar organized a dusk ‘til dawn concert at the historic St. John the Divine cathedral in New York City. The concert, featuring many acts of the day and several virtuosos of the Indian classical world, ended at dawn with an extended set from the Maestro. To mark the 60th anniversary of his first introduction to the West, EMWMusic is proud to release his remastered concert as the fourth installment of our Nine Decades series.  Accompanied by the great Alla Rakha on Tabla, the tracks, including Cathedral Multani and Cathedral Vachaspati, are pure improvisational mastery!



Cathedral Multani
Introductions at Dawn
Cathedral Vachaspati

  • Cathedral Multani




Ravi Shankar – Sitar
Alla Rakha – Tablas
Vasant Rai – Bass Tanpura
Shambhu Das – Treble Tanpura



Executive Producers: Shyama Priya & Cat Celebrezze; Tape Transfer, Audio Restoration & Mastering: Barry Phillips; Design and Art Direction: Wickstrom Design

Recorded Live at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, New York, NY, August 5, 1976