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Maya – Bickram Ghosh’s Dedication to Ravi Shankar


Using Hindu philosophy’s concept of Maya – the irresistible veil behind which the world conceals the real character of spiritual reality – Ghosh presents an ode to the beauty of this illusion. As part of the UTSAV! series, Maya celebrates the life of Ravi Shankar and his legacy of peace through music.


Life according to the Hindu philosophy is an illusion. This world conceals the real spiritual world behind a veil. Maya is the veil that conceals this true character of spiritual reality. We strive and struggle through our lives to grasp the true nature of our existence. We travel from childhood to adulthood, through relationships, romance, sorrow and happiness, not realizing that the lives we experience are not our true nature at all. Therein lies the need for a spiritual quest that finally leads us to our destination.

Maya is an ode to the beauty of this illusion, a force so strong that it lures the human heart with an irresistible power. Bickram Ghosh, a master weaver of musical tales, takes the listener on a journey that traverses and explores the terrain that the Maya of life conjures and that deeper sense of the world, lying just underneath waiting to be discovered. It is a world without strife and contradiction – place where we are finally united with our true selves.

Maya is part of East Meets Wests Music’s UTSAV! series featuring students, collaborators, and fellow musicians of Ravi Shankar celebrating the legacy and life of the sitar maestro. This installment features the talents of Indian music composer and world-renowned percussionist Bickram Ghosh, who performed with Shankar for over a decade. Like the global influence and collaborative nature of the Maestro, Maya features artists from India, the United States, Australia, France, England, Armenia and Canada.


I am constantly inspired by the evocativeness of Raviji’s compositions – the subtle rhythmic interplays, the presentation of both East and West, his mind-bending melodic inventions and improvisations. He is a true star of world music and his body of work is a never-ending gift.

– Bickram Ghosh

I am so pleased that we can release this wonderful recording of his through East Meets West’s UTSAV! series. It is apropos of this series as it is the blossoming of a disciple into a wonderful musician and because Raviji always was so encouraging of the place of percussion in Indian Classical music. In fact, he was the first musician to put down his instrument in performance and let the Tabla player take off. He brought out the importance of percussion in Indian classical music. It has also touched me deeply that Bickram could recognize the pure brilliance of Raviji’s compositions and calculations and the complete musician that he was.

– Sukanya Shankar

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Maya Sutra
The Veil of Kaya
The Journey to Light
We Were Children
Maya’s Allure


Bickram Ghosh – Tabla


Executive Producers: Shyama Priya & Cat Celebrezze; Music Producer: Shyama Priya; Recording Engineer: Shamik Guharoy at Bickram Ghosh Studios, Kolkata; Mastering: Barry Phillips, The Audio Workshop, Santa Cruz, CA; Mixing: Pramod Chandorkar at The Music Room, Kolkata; Design: Wickstrom Design

All music composed by Bickram Ghosh