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A Special Message from Sukanya Shankar

As we recognize December 11th as the date Ravi Shankar passed away in 2012, and face what seems like an uncertain future for all efforts with humanitarian ethics at their core, we at East Meets West Music pledge to continue to spread the message of peace and virtuosic work of the Maestro. Writing from India, Sukanya Shankar shares her thoughts here:

It is four years since my beloved Raviji left his physical abode. I am getting used to his invisible presence in my life. I feel him and hear him constantly, there, in all my activities in one way or another. A few days ago I had gone to a dinner gathering where a few ambassadors of different countries had come. I was so moved by the way they received me when I was introduced. Each one of them said how their life had been touched by Raviji’s music, that they “seldom remember all the prime ministers or ambassadors who come to our country, but we remember Ravi Shankar! He was the true ambassador of India!” My heart swelled with pride in how he had left this indelible mark on people’s minds all over the world. I miss him so much and sometimes the pain is unbearable. The only healing remedy for me is to work for him and move his Legacy forward. I want to keep giving Raviji’s music to the world. East Meets West Music is a company that Raviji launched to give his music directly to the public with no interference. We have so much in our archives and I hope to be able to share this gift all with music lovers everywhere. Peace Through Music was his quest and his unwavering dedication to lifting up of the human spirit through cultural understanding and music left us with a great source of hope for our troubled times. This is what gives me the peace within myself. I love him with all my all heart and soul. His dwelling is my Temple, He is my God and my service to him is my prayer.”

— Sukanya Shankar, December 11, 2016.

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