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Both the Ravi Shankar Foundation and East Meets West Music are dedicated to the mission of bringing Western and Eastern cultures together through music. Serious time and resources have been earmarked to digitally transferring and providing access to lectures, live concerts and pivotal historical studio recordings contained on the ¼” reel tapes from the Foundation’s archive.

This initiative, titled ACCESS RAGA, will preserve these important lectures and performances and make them available for the first time to educational and cultural institutions, and through a future online library at this site.


ACCESS RAGA provides an opportunity to both present the work of Ravi Shankar as an example of openness and diversity, and to provide a compelling example of how the humanities impact our culture and history. With the key goals of preserving and providing access to primary materials, facilitating research, scholarship, and public programming, and emphasizing the transformative power of learning, ACCESS RAGA promises to preserve and propagate the core of Ravi Shankar’s legacy: Peace Through Music.
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